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Linda holding tiny turtle
Linda with tiny friend. Photo Tim Mallis.

family hikeFells family hike. Photo: Mike Ryan.

bird watching
Bird watchers. Photo Ron Hunter.

Who is eligible?

The Massachusetts Forest and Park Friends Network is open for membership to friends groups formed to support a particular property under the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), but everyone who cares about forests, parks and trails is welcome to participate in the Friends Network as a "Friend to Friends".

How can I join?

Friends Network membership is achieved by a friends group designating a representative to serve as the liaison between the friends group and the Friends Network. The liaison supplies an e-mail address to the Friends Network Facilitators and agrees to receive e-mail information from the Friends Network. The liaison controls what information he or she shares with the friends group. To join contact friend@networkingfriends.net.

All e-mail addresses and all communications received from Friends Network members, DCR staff, and other groups or organizations will be held confidential within the five-member facilitator team. No information will be shared beyond the facilitator team without prior permission granted to the facilitator team by the Friends Network member, DCR staff or any other party sending communication.

All members will have one vote on any issue that arises.

A member may withdraw from the Friends Network at any time by requesting that their e-mail information be deleted from the Friends Network database.

Networking for non-friends group supporters of forests, parks and trails

If you don't belong to a friends group but you want to support forests, parklands and trails in Massachusetts, you may access the information and resources on the Friends Network web site, contact the Friends Network with issues, concerns and helpful information, and receive the e-mail newsletters and alerts by providing us with your e-mail address. The difference between a Friends Network Member and a "Friend of Friends" is that you won't have voting privileges or be eligible to hold a facilitator position in the Friends Network. All it takes to join is an e-mail address.

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Friends groups are organizations dedicated to supporting specific DCR properties through volunteer work, fundraising, providing programs and events, and advocacy. More than 70 groups are working across the state to enhance our forests and parks system.

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