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Name Town/s  Area in acres Additional Information Friends Group

Remarks—50 Friends Groups

Abigail Adams State Park Weymouth 9     Peninsula on the Hingham/Weymouth line at the mouth of the Back River, Stodder's Neck was once a gravel pit. Stodder's Neck provides harborside walking trails and a hilltop view of the Back River.
Acushnet Cedar Swamp  Dartmouth, New Bedford 3.9      
Acushnet Cedar Swamp State Reservation Dartmouth, New Bedford 539.9   1580.3      
Alewife Brook Reservation Arlington, Belmont, Cambridge, Somerville 136.4   Friends of Alewife Reservation A major portion of the Alewife Reservation is designated wetland and contains Little Pond, the Little River, and the Alewife Brook.
Amelia Earhart Dam Somerville 2.4      
Ames Nowell State Park Abington, Brockton 612 Trail Map   Cleveland Pond. The park is primarily used for boating and fishing.
The Arborway Coalition       Arborway Coalition  
Appalachian Trail Corridor Dalton, Edgemont, Great Barrington, Hinsdale, Monterey, Mt. Washington     Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance 90 miles (145 km) of this trail are in Massachusetts.
Arthur Whaton Swann State Forest Monterey 850      
Ashby Wildlife Management Area Asburnham, Ashby 277.4      
Ashburnham State Forest Ashburnham 2210      
Ashland State Park Ashland 470 Trail Map   Ashland Reservoir. Swimming, picnicking, boating, fishing, bicycling and hiking. Beach improvements at the park include facilities for wheelchair access to the boathouse and by ramp into the pond.
Ashmere Lake State Park Hinsdale Peru 183.1 22.2      
Ashuwillticook Rail Trail Adams, Cheshire 8.4   Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance Cheshire Reservoir, the Hoosic River
Balance Rock State Park Lanesborough 136.8      
Baldpate Pond State Park Boxford, Georgetown 37.9 43.5      
Bare Hill Pond Public Access Harvard 2.3      
Barefoot Brook Flood Control Site Marlborough Northborough 2.3 55      
Barnstable Fire Tower Barnstable 5.9      
Barnstable State Forest Barnstable 51.3      
Barre State Forest Barre 11      
Bash Bish Falls State Park Mount Washington 423.5 Trail Map Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance Bash Bish Falls, one of Massachusetts' most dramatic and its highest single-drop waterfall. Cascading water tumbles through a series of gorges and a hemlock-hardwood ravine forest, and then drops about 60 feet into a sparkling pool below.
Bates Memorial State Park Hancock 423      
Bay Circuit Trail Sudbury 82.4      
Bay Farm Kingston 6.7      
Beartown State Forest  Great Barrington, Lee, Monterey, New Marlborough, Otis, Stockbridge, Tyringham 10539.6 Trail Map Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance Benedict Pond. Approximately 7.5 miles (12.1 km) of the Appalachian Trail travels through the forest. Summer: network of trails on over 12,000 acres offers visitors a chance to glimpse deer, bear, bobcat, fisher and other wildlife, including the park's namesake, the Black Bear. 
Beaver Brook Reservation Belmont, Waltham 60.7   Friends of Beaver Brook Reservation The Friends of Beaver Brook Reservation, working with the Department of Conservation and Recreation and local communities, provides stewardship to maintain the Beaver Brook Reservation as a natural preserve open to the public.
Beaver Brook Reservation North Belmont, Waltham, Lexington 242.6   Friends of Beaver Brook Reservation  
Becket State Forest Becket 657.1      
Belle Isle Marsh Reservation Boston, Winthrop 188   Friends of the Belle Island Marsh The reservation includes landscaped pathways, benches, and an observation tower. A portion of the Boston Harborwalk runs through the reservation.
Berkley State Forest Berkley 5.5      
Billerica State Forest Billerica 339.8      
Blackstone River and Canal Heritage State Park Blackstone, Millville, Northbridge, Uxbridge 1066.3 Trail Map

Blackstone River Watershed Association

Blackstone Canal Conservancy

Blackstone River. The park is the midpoint of the Blackstone River Valley National Heritage Corridor of the National Park System.
Blue Hills Reservation Braintree, Canton, Milton, Quincy, Randolph 6386.8—— Trail Map Houghton's Pond Recreation Area Friends of the Blue Hills Houghton's Pond, Ponkapoag Pond. The reservation has the distinction of being the largest conservation land within a major metropolitan area.
Boat Ramp Hopkinton 0.6      
Borderland State Park Bristol, Norfolk 1570 Trail Map Friends of Borderland State Park f. 1971. On National Register of Historic Places
Boston Harbor Islands State Park Boston, Hingham, Quincy, Weymouth 335   Friends of the Boston Harbor Islands f. 1996. Boston Harbor. The Volunteers and Friends of the Boston Harbor Islands is a non-profit (US IRS granted 501c3 organization) environmental and educational organization that encourages public use of the islands, balanced with the need to protect their fragile ecosystem and historic environment.
Boxford State Forest Boxford, Middleton, North Andover 541.6 113.3 390.3 Boxford Trail Map Friends of Boxford State Forest —e-mail contact:  
Bradley Palmer State Park Hamilton, Ipswich, Topsfield 740—— Trail Map Essex County Trail Association   Ipswich River. Features rolling meadows, lush evergreens and old carriage road. Extensive trail network follows the Ipswich River.  Bay Circuit Trail and the Discover Hamilton Trail wind through the park. Links to Willowdale SF to the north and nearly connects to the Pingree Reservation to the south.
Breakheart Reservation Saugus, Wakefield 651.9   Friends of Breakheart Reservation Silver Lake, Pearce Lake, Saugus River. The reservation is hardwood forest principally used for birding, fishing and hiking.
Brewer Brook Flood Control Site Berlin 56.9      
Brewster State Forest Brewster 26.2      
Bridgewater State Forest Bridgewater 62      
Brimfield State Forest Brimfield, Monson, Wales 3522.7 Trail Map Friends of Brimfield State Forest —e-mail contact: This rolling, heavily forested property has over 20 miles of roads and trails and is used primarily for hiking, walking, horseback riding and fishing. 
Bristol Blake State Reservation Norfolk 140 Mass Audubon   Adjacent to the Massachusetts Audubon’s 116 acre Stony Brook Wildlife Sanctuary and is managed collaboratively with them. 
Brook Farm Boston 141.4     Brook Farm Brochure
Bryant Mountain State Forest Cummington 615      
Buckland State Forest Buckland 93.3 Native Tree Society Article - Buckland State Forest Friends of Buckland State Forest – contact Located in southeast Buckland, BSF is managed as a woodlands. Conatins no roads or maintained trails.
C. M. Gardner State Park Huntington 84.7   Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance  
Callahan State Park Framingham, Marlborough, Southborough 1026.7 Trail Map   Callahan has seven miles of marked trails and is used for activities including fishing, hiking, horseback riding (horses not provided) and cross-country skiing. Within the park are nearly 100 acres of open fields, 70 acres of which are currently under an agricultural lease.
Camp Meigs Boston 3      
Campbells Falls State Park New Marlborough 138      
Canalside Rail Trail       Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance  
Cape Cod Rail Trail Eastham, Harwich 54.5     The Cape Cod Rail Trail follows a former railroad right-of-way for 22 miles through the towns of Dennis, Harwich, Brewster, Orleans, Eastham and Wellfleet. Its paved surface, few hills, and well-marked automobile crossings make it ideal for cyclists. The trail has a wide unpaved shoulder on one side to accommodate horseback riding, walkers, and runners.
Carlisle State Forest Carlisle 22      
Carroll Holmes Recreation Area Shutesbury 41.9      
Castle Island   22 Trail Map   Boston Harbor. The present fort, built between 1834 and 1851, is the eighth generation of forts and it is one of the oldest fortified sites in British North America.
Catamount State Forest Charlemont, Colrain 76.2 1,339.5      
Cedar Swamp Hopkinton 9.4      
Charles River Reservation Boston, Cambridge, Dedham, Natick, Needham, Newton, Waltham, Watertown, Wellesley, Weston 862.3 Upper Charles River Reservation Charles River Conservancy Dedicated to the renewal and stewardship of the Charles River Parklands from Boston Harbor to the Watertown Dam. See also the Upper Charles River Reservation.
Charles River Esplanade       The Charles River Esplanade Association The Esplanade extends for three miles along the Boston shore of the Charles River from the Boston Museum of Science to the Boston University Bridge.
Chelsea Creek Beach Boston 0.3      
Chester-Blandford State Forest Blandford, Chester 1536.3  1241 Trail Map Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance Chester-Blandford State Forest offers a rustic park experience and spectacular Sanderson Brook Falls. Hike the 60 foot cascade at Sanderson Brook Falls; or try the H. Newman Marsh Memorial Trail featuring a challenging, but rewarding, climb to the top of Observation Hill, with views spanning up and down the wild and scenic Westfield River valley.
Chestnut Hill Reservation Chestnut Hill, Allston, Brighton       f. 1870. The Chestnut Hill Reservoir Historic District is considered a nineteenth-century masterpiece of engineering, urban planning and landscape design.
Chicopee Memorial State Park Chicopee, Ludlow 561.7 Trail Map Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance Chicopee State Park, formerly the Cooley Brook Reservoir and Watershed has been developed as a high use active recreation area. The total acreage is 575 acres including a 25 acre pond. Activities include swimming, fishing and picnicking.
City Square State Park          
Clam Lake Flood Control Site Sandisfield 499.9      
Clarksburg State Forest  Clarksburg, North Adams 3532.4 96.2   Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance  
Clarksburg State Park Clarksburg 368 Trail Map   Mauserts Pond.  Clarksburg State Park offers 368 acres of abundant and unspoiled northern hardwood forest with breathtaking views of the Hoosac Range, Mount Greylock and the Green Mountains. Adjoins the 3,011 acre Clarksburg State Forest.
Cleaveland Farm Boxford, Rowley 175.8 5.3 Hood Pond and Cleaveland Farm Trail Map    
C.M. Gardner State Park Chester       Located in the rolling Berkshire foothills along a scenic section of the Westfield River East Branch. For public health and safety reasons Gardner State Park is now closed to swimming. Ongoing water tests have consistently failed to meet state safe swimming standards 
Cochituate State Park Framingham, Natick, Sherborn, Wayland 871.6   Friends of Cochituate State Park Cochituate State Park is a popular regional day use park featuring water based recreational opportunities including boating, swimming, windsurfing, and fishing on its three large lakes. 
Cold Harbor Brook Flood Control Site Northborough 240.9      
Columbia Road Park Boston 0.1      
Commercial Point Boston 10.2      
Conley and Tenean State Park Boston 0.5      
Connecticut River Greenway State Park Deerfield, Erving, Gill, Greenfield, Hadley, Hatfield, Montague, Horthfield, Sunderland, Whately 1031   Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance Connecticut River. The park consists of a number of separate state land holdings in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts.
Constitution Beach Boston 82.1      
Conway State Forest Conway Willamsburg 1702.6 54      
Cookson Stare Forest New Marlborough, Sandisfield 2270.6 526.4      
Cushing Memorial Stare Park Scituate 6.9      
Cutler Park Dedham, Needham, Newton 744.5 Trail Map   Charles River. It contains the largest remaining fresh water marsh on the middle Charles, and includes a boardwalk through a cattail marsh out onto an island.
D.A.R. State Forest Ashfield, Goshen 200.8 1436.6 Trail Map Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance f. 1929. Upper and Lower Highland Lake. Located in the eastern foothills of the Berkshires. 15 miles of  trails through northern hardwood-conifer forest. Climb Goshen fire tower for spectacular views of the Connecticut River Valley and five states. Campground- 51  campsites.
Dead Branch State Forest Chesterfield, Westhampton 379.3     42      
Deer Hill State Reservation Cummington, Planfield 135.9 214.5      
Delaney Flood Control Site Bolton, Boxborough, Harvard, Stow 655.9      
Demarest Lloyd State Park Dartmouth 215.5     1800-foot saltwater beach is backed by rambling hills of beach grass and shaded, grassy picnic sites. A broad, scenic marsh lines the Slocum River on the park's eastern edge.
Dennis Fire Tower Dennis 6.9      
Dighton Rock State Park Berkley 97.6   Friends of Dighton Rock Museum Dighton Rock is an 11-foot (3.4 m) high glacial erratic covered with petroglyphs and has since been moved to a museum at the park.
Dorchester Shores Reservation         Neponset River. Malibu Beach offers protected swimming and bathhouse. Victory Road Park is a passive park. Tenean Beach is a popular swimming beach with playground facilities, tennis and basketball courts. Nearby Savin Hill Beach has a tot lot, baseball fields and protected swimming.
Douglas State Forest Douglas, Oxford, Webster—— Trail Map 5318.4 Midstate Trail Friends of Douglas State Forest—e-mail contact: Wallum Lake. Features include a rare Atlantic White Cedar swamp and 7.8 miles (12.6 km) of the Midstate Trail.
Dubuque Memorial State Forest Buckland, Hawley, Planfield, Windsor 7439.1 Trail Map   Kenneth Dubuque Memorial State Forest. 35 miles of mix-use trails, 6 miles of hiking trails and 1 mile interpretive trail around Hallockville Pond. Historic sites: Moody Springs; a rare fieldstone "beehive" charcoal kiln; and remains of mill complex at Hallockville Pond.
Dugger Park Medford 2.9      
Dunn Pond State Park Gardner 131.8     Dunn Pond. 130-acre park features a 20 acre pond, walking trails, swimming, fishing, picnicking, public programs, and play equipment.
East Mountain State Forest Great Barrington, New Marlborough, Sheffield 1996.8      
Ellisville Harbor State Park Plymouth 97.1 Friends of Ellisville Marsh No Friends group for the park. Walking trails overlooking a tidal marsh, sandy/rocky beach at trail end. Ellisville Harbor is a unique coastal property, including an 18th century farmstead, beachfront, salt marsh, rolling meadows, and red pine forest. It's also one of the most scenic spots on the South Shore coastline.
Elm Bank Reservation Dover, Wellesley 174.5 Massachusetts Horticultural Society   Charles River. Benjamin Pierce Cheney's property, now run by Massachusetts Horticultural Society.  182 acres of woodlands, fields, and old estate  is surrounded on three sides by the Charles River. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places for its estate landscaping. A variety of wildlife,  thrive in the upland habitats and along the river. 
Ernestina (Schooner) New Bedford     Schooner Ernestina-Morrissey Association, Inc. The Schooner Ernestina is a one hundred year old ship designated by the Department of the Interior as a National Historic Landmark. 
Erving State Forest Erving 2422.2 Trail Map   The 110-mile (180 km) Metacomet-Monadnock Trail passes through a western parcel of the state forest. Recreational pursuits including, boating, swimming and fishing at Laurel Lake. Camping, picnicking, hunting, horseback riding and winter sports. The woodlands withd numerous trails lead to points of scenic interest.
F. Gilbert Hills State Forest Foxborough, Wentham 1029.9 Trail Map   F. Gilbert Hills is a "passive use" pine and oak forest. There are 23 miles of trails for various uses, looping through the forest. One of these leads to the Warner Trail, a long-distance hiking trail that travels through Norfolk County on its way to Rhode Island. 
Fall River Heritage State Park Fall River 14.3     This 8.5-acre park enjoys a spectacular location overlooking Battleship Cove, home of the World War II battleship, U.S.S. Massachusetts.
Federated Women's Club State Forest New Salem, Petersham 970.5     Groves of pine and stands of maple, birch and hemlock invite the visitor along the wooded roads. Ooutstanding scenery along Fever Brook. A wildlife sanctuary compromising 140 acres has been set aside in the center of the forest, and a dam on Fever Brook holds back sufficient water to attract migrating and native wild fowl. In the southwest section is the forest's chief geological feature, the Gorge.
Fire Tower Essex 6.6      
Florida State Forest Clarksburg, Florida, North Adams 1757.1      
Forefather's Monument Plymouth        
Forest Grove Waltham 26      
Fort Phoenix Beach State Reservation Fairhaven 28.2     Revolutionary War fort; 1/2 mile of Buzzards Bay beachfront. One of the smaller parks in Massachusetts, Fort Phoenix State Reservation combines historic features, scenic views and a variety of recreational facilities. 
Fort Revere Hull 5.6     On Telegraph Hill in Hull, Massachusetts. Remnants of two seacoast fortifications, water tower with observation deck, military history museum and picnic facilities
Foss Park Somerville 14.6      
Fountain Pond Park Great Barrington 250      
Franklin Park Zoo Boston 82.7      
Franklin State Forest Franklin, Wrentham 843.3 Trail Map    
Freetown-Fall River State Forest Freetown, Fall River 5470 Trail Map Friends of Freetown/Fall River State Forest and SE Bio Reserve contact: f. 1930. The park includes Profile Rock, a granite outcropping which local Native Americans believe to be the image of Chief Massasoit. Also in the forest is a 227-acre (0.92 km2) Wampanoag reservation
Gardner Heritage State Park Gardener 0.2     Restored 19th century fire station with exhibits
George H. Nichols Flood Conrtol Site Shrewsbury, Westborough 509.8      
Georgetown-Rowley State Forest Boxford, Georgetown, Rowley  1041.2 Trail Map Friends of Georgetown–Rowley State Forest Friends Group supports and advocates for forest in northeastern Massachusetts. The Forest offers a variety of year-round activities including horseback riding, hiking, walking, hunting (some restrictions), cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling.
Gilbert A. Bliss State Forest Chesterfield, Cummington 2343.4      
Governor Thomas Dudley Park Billerica 10.6      
Granville State Forest Granville, Tolland—— Trail Map 2431.8 TTR Highlands Communities Initiative Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance Granville includes a wooded camping area with toilet and shower facilities, offering access to nearby regional tourist attractions. Other popular activities include bird watching, wildlife viewing, snowshoeing, and mountain biking.
Great Brook Farm State Park Carlisle, Chelmsford 908.7 Trail Map   Working dairy farm. There are over 20 miles of trails available for walkers, hikers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders. During the winter months, cross-country skiing is available and one trail is lantern lit for a "moon light" experience! The ice cream stand is open through the month of October.
Greycourt State Park         f. 2001. The park is built atop the restored ruins of the Charles H. Tenney estate.
Groton Fire Tower Froton 0.5      
H.O. Cook State Forest Corain, Heath 1834      
Halibut Point State Park Rockport 54.8   Friends of Halibut Point State Park Features a former granite quarry and 60 ft (18 m) tower with coastal views. Halibut Point is a uniquely beautiful coastal seascape. Looking seaward on a clear day, the view stretches from Crane Beach in Ipswich to Mount Agamenticus in Maine and the Isles of Shoals off the coast of New Hampshire.
Hammond Pond Reservation Newton       Hammond Pond, a wooded reservation with a large, scenic pond, is located in the Chestnut Hill section of Newton adjacent to the city's Webster Conservation Area. It is a natural forest with wooded trails and large geological formations. Nearby Lost Pond has a quaking bog and system of natural trails. 
Hampton Ponds State Park Southampton, Westfield 47.4   Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance Hampton Pond State Park offers water based recreation activities and picnicking.
Hancock Woods Boston 47.8      
Harold Parker State Forest Andover, Middleton, North Andover, North Reading 3320.4 Trail Map Friends of Harold Parker State Forest Recreational opportunities include hiking, mountain biking, fishing, hunting, horseback riding, camping and picnicking. The forest has over 35 miles of logging roads and trails and offers quiet seclusion to off-road hikers and bikers. Non-motorized boating is allowed on any of the 11 ponds. Lorraine Park Campground, contains 89  campsites that provide a real "forest" camping experience.
Havey Beach Boston 16.6      
Hawksnest State Park Harwich 235 Pine Barrens Friends of Hawksnest State Park Hawksnest State Park is an orphan, without any budget for maintenance or enforcement. Litter accumulates, parking is out of control, and erosion threatens a pristine pond. People who love the pond are starting a group to assist the State in managing the land and solving its problems.
Hemlock Gorge Reservation Needham, Newton, Wellesley 16   Friends of Hemlock Gorge Reservation A small 23-acre wild area along the banks of the Charles River, dominated by the steep gorge, the river, its surrounding stands of Hemlock trees and Echo Bridge, a huge granite and brick structure that spans the river and gorge. 
High Head Truro 1.1      
Holyoke Heritage State Park Holyoke 6.8     The park's Visitors' Center features exhibits about paper manufacturing and Holyoke's industrial history. A slide show celebrates the city's rich blend of cultures and people. Special programs are offered year-round. 
Holyoke Range State Park Amherst, Belchertown, Granby, Hadley, South Hadley 3720.2   Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance  
Hop Brook Flood Control Site Northborough 161.3      
Hopkinton State Park Ashland, Hopkinton 1244.4 Trail Map    The park offers a variety of year round recreational activities including 2 life guarded swimming beaches, stocked fishing, 1 reservable group picnic site, 12 tree shaded, first come first served, picnic areas (300 picnic tables and 165 charcoal cooking grills), 10 miles of marked trails, open field space and a concrete boat launching ramp for non-motorized watercraft.
Horse Pond Flood Control Site North Brookfield 176      
Horseneck Beach State Reservation Westport 536.2   Westport Fishermen's Association Popular for its two mile (3 km) long sandy beach on the shore of Buzzards Bay. Also camping, fishing and a salt marsh.
Hubbardston State Forest Hubbarston, Phillipston 12227.7      
Hammond Pond Reservation Newton 59.5      
Hull Shore Reservation Hull 4.1      
Huntington State Forest Huntington, Montgomery 731      
J. Elwell Conservation Area Northhampton 2      
J. Harry Rich State Forest Groton, Pepperell 464.3      
Johnny Appleseed State Park Leominster 206      
Jordan Marsh Service Center Area Quincy 80.8      
Joseph Sylvia State Beach Edgartown, Oak Bluffs 117      
Jug End State Reservation Egremont 19.1      
Jug End State Reservation and Wildlife Management Area Egremont 1158—— Trail Map Appalachian National Scenic Trail Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance Jug End offers one of the most scenic areas in the Berkshires. For hikers, the 2 mile Jug End Loop Trail journeys through a mixture of open fields, northern hardwood and Eastern Hemlock woodlands.
Kennedy Park Cambridge 5.1      
Kenneth Dubuque Memorial State Forest       Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance  
Kings Beach Swampscott 3      
Kingston State Forest Kingston 167.3 Pine Barrens    
Kittredge Flood Control Site North Brookfield, Spencer 120.4      
Krug Sugarbush Chesterfield 87.8      
Lake Dennison Recreation Area North Central Massachusetts, Winchendon       The park is an extension of Otter River State Forest.  The park has 150 campsites. There is a swimming beach on Lake Dennison.
Lake Lorraine State Park Springfield 3   Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance Currently unstaffed.
Lake Wyola State Park         AKA; the Carroll A. Holmes Recreation Area. Crystal clear waters in 128-acre lake. Swim at the guarded beach or picnic at one of the many picnic sites all with charcoal grills.
Lamberton Brook Flood Control Site Warren, West Brookfield 12      
Lancaster State Forest Lancaster 93.8      
Laurel Lake Boat Ramp Lee 0.3      
Lawrence Heritage State Park Lawrence 0.3   The Friends of Lawrence Heritage State Park A restored boarding house with two floors of interactive exhibits tells the tale of Lawrence, one of the nation's first planned industrial cities.  Walk along the esplanade of a nineteenth-century canal and through a park created within the walls of an industrial-era building.
Lawrence Riverfront State Park Lawrence 45.5      
Lawton State Forest Athol 401.1      
Leominster State Forest Fitchburg, Leominster, Princeton, Sterling, Westminster 41267——Trail Map The Midstate Trail   The Midstate Trail runs through the western edge of the forest. The forest offers recreational opportunities year round, ranging from mountain biking and swimming in the summer to cross country skiing and snowmobiling in the winter. Nature lovers will enjoy the numerous hiking trails, the prolific mountain laurel bloom in late June, early July and the opportunity to observe all kinds of wildlife.
Leyden State Forest Leyden 60.7      
Linden and Town Line Brook Revere 11.1      
Lost Pond Reservation Brookline 32      
Lowell Heritage State Park Lowell 59.7     f. 1975. The park preserves the city's seminal role in the American Industrial Revolution. Canal rides, and exhibits about Lowell's role in America's industrial history presented in conjunction with the Lowell National Historical Park. Victorian garden, and over two miles of landscaped esplanade, summer concerts,  swimming and boating are major attractions.
Lowell-Dracut-Tyngsboro State Forest Dracut, Lowell, Tyngsborough 1109.2 Trail Map   The probable site of a Native American village prior to colonial settlement and later,acquired to obtain granite for canals and factory foundations. The forest has six miles of trails offering hiking, bicycling, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, and snowmobiling. Hunting is permitted in season.
Lowell Park Cambridge 7.9      
Lower Neponset River Trail Suffolk       The Lower Neponset River Trail follows the path of a former railroad bed along the shore of the Neponset River. Traversing a rich variety of historical and ecological contexts, the 2.4 mile path serves to link the Neponset area to the larger network of DCR trails.
Ludlow State Forest Ludlow 48.3      
Lynn Heritage State Park Lynn 4.2     Exhibits and tours highlight the innovation and industry of Lynn, the turn-of-the-century shoemaking capital of the U.S. Compare the craft and tools of a hand made shoe with a factory made shoe. A boardwalk stroll at the nearby Waterfront Park features an extraordinary mosaic mural on Lynn's history.
Lynn Shore Reservation Lynn 22.3   Friends of Lynn and Nahant Beach An expansive seascape can be viewed from over four miles of waterfront that is managed under public ownership. A promenade extends along the two-mile length of the two reservations at the edge of Nahant Bay and is available year round for activities such as walking, jogging and bicycling.
Lynn Woods Reservation Saugus 49.3     The Historic Landscape Preservation Grant Program funded the Lynn Woods Reservation Roadways, Preservation Planning 1999 - $10,000; 2000 - $49,000.     Do not confuse with the Lynn Woods Reservation, the 2,200 acre municipal forest park located in Lynn, Massachusetts.
Mahican - Mohawk Trail       Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance  
Malibu Beach Boston 27      
Manuel f. Correllus State Forest Edgartown, Tisbury, West Tisbury 5214 Pine Barrens   1999
Marine Park Boston 10.7      
Marlborough, Sudbury State Forest Hudson, Marlborough, Stow, Sudbury 6747     10000
Mary O'Malley Waterfront Park Chelsea 19.9      
Massachusetts' First State Park       Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance  
Massasoit State Park Lakeville, Middleborough, Taunton 1180.6 Trail Map Friends of Massasoit State Park Four lakes provide excellent fishing. Swimming for camping patrons only is available at the beach on Middle Pond. Biking, canoeing, walking, hiking, horseback riding and cross-country skiing are popular activities. In the fall the contrast of scarlet cranberry bogs against the pines is breathtaking. 123 campsites provided with electrical or water hookups.
Maudslay State Park Newburyport——Trail Map 438.2 Maudslay State Park Garden Committee Maudslay State Park Association  
McMorrow Playground Boston 6.1     Lynn Woods Reservation Roadways Restoration
Medfield Charles River State Reservation Dover, Medfield, Millis 475.6      
Middlefield State Forest Hinsdale, Middlefield, Peru 3673.1      
Middlesex Fells Reservation Malden, Medford, Melrose, Stoneham, Winchester 23008 Trail Map Friends of the Middlesex Fells Reservation  
Mohawk Trail State Forest Charlemont, Florida, Hawley, Savoy 7758.4 Trail Map

Friends of Mohawk Trail State Forest

Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance

Monroe State Forest Florida, Monroe, Rowe 4001.4 Trail Map Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance Dunbar Brook
Montague State Forest Montague, Wendell 655      
Moore State Park Paxton 737 Trail Map   Eames Pond. The remnants of the mill-village at Moore give a glimpse of the old rural manufacturing economy which was displaced by the industrial developments of the nineteenth century.
Moose Hill Flood Control Site Leicester, Spencer 111.5      
Mother Brook Reservation Boston, Dedham 45.3      
Mount Everett State Reservation Egremont, Mount Washington, Sheffield, 1652.7p Appalachian National Scenic Trail Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance Guilder Pond. Informal picnicking is available at Guilder Pond which features a spectacular display of blooming mountain laurel and azalea in the spring. Hike the Appalachian Trail as it winds its way along the ridgeline and through Sage's Ravine, or from the MA Rte. 41 trailhead, try the Race Brook Trail as it climbs beside a tumbling and falling brook.
Mount Grace State Forest Warwick 1568.2 Trail Map   Recreation activities include hiking, walking, horseback riding, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, and huntin.g 
Mount Greylock State Reservation Adams, Cheshire, Lanesborough, New Ashford, North Adams, Williamstown 12728.3——Trail Map Mount Greylock Visitor Center  Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance f. 1898. Mount Greylock is the highest point in Massachusetts. Rising above the surrounding Berkshire landscape, dramatic views of 60-90 miles distant may be seen. It became Massachusetts' first wilderness state park, acquired by the Commonwealth.
Mount Holyoke Range State Park Amherst 3000 Trail Map Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance Now mostly wooded, the ridge's steep slopes and east-west orientation create a number of forest types, including birch-beech-hemlock on the north side and oak-hickory on the south. Thickets, streams, ponds, and wetlands add to the diversity. Over 30 miles of marked trails. Viewing vistas, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling, horseback riding and hunting.
Mount Sugarloaf State Reservation Deerfield 533.4 Trail Map Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance Views of the Connecticut River, the Pioneer Valley, and the Pelham and Berkshire Hills. Consisting of two peaks, North and South Sugarloaf, the Reservation offers picnicking, scenic viewing and hiking. An auto road winds to the summit, making South Sugarloaf Mountain accessible by private automobiles. Available on the summit is a pavilion for scenic viewing and picnicking
Mount Toby State Forest Leverett, Motague, Sunderland 335.9      
Mount Tom State Reservation Easthampton, Holyoke 1066.7 Trail Map

Mt. Tom Citizens Advocacy Committee

Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance

22 miles of hiking and walking trails; picnicking; fishing on Lake Bray; and cross country skiing and ice skating in the winter. Mt. Tom also offers a children's play area.
Mount Washington State Forest Mount Washington—Trail Map 4584.5 Appalachian National Scenic Trail Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance 30 miles of trails over rugged terrain and wilderness camping. Hike the South Taconic Trail to the 2,250 ft. elev. summit of Alander Mountain for amazing views. Or follow the Appalachian Trail as it winds its way along the ridgeline and through Sage's Ravine. Springtime features include blooming mountain laurel and azalea; and in summer, a carpet of ferns.
Moynihan Recreation Area         located on the east side of Truman Parkway across from the Martini Shell offers additional recreational facilities including: A spray deck, reservable baseball field, playground, picnic tables and benches, basketball court, 2 tennis courts.
Myles Standish Monument State Reservation Duxbury 29.9     116-foot granite shaft crowned by a 14-foot statue of Captain Myles Standish, military leader of Plymouth Colony. Begun in 1872, completed in 1898, and refurbished in 1988, the monument offers a panoramic view of the South Shore-church spires, several 19th-century lighthouses, the five-mile-long Duxbury Beach, Plymouth Harbor, and the Blue Hills off to the northwest.
Myles Standish State Forest Carver, Plymouth, Wareham— Trail Map 12410.2 Pine Barrens Friends of Myles Standish State Forest Second largest forest in Massachusetts. MSSF offers five camping areas, four  around the park's 16 ponds. A section of the Charge Pond area is for horse camping.  College Pond offers picnicking, swimming, fishing, canoeing. 15 miles of bicycle trails, 35 miles of equestrian trails and 13 miles of hiking trails. One of the largest contiguous pitch pine/scrub oak communities north of Long Island.
Mystic Lakes Medford, Winchester 96.2     A reservable baseball field.
Mystic River Reservation       Friends of Upper Mystic Lake & Sandy Beach Reservation Striking views of the harbor and the Tobin Bridge over the Mystic River. A boat landing and shelter are located on an historic granite pier and a wind sculpture by William Wainwright enlivens the waterfront. Tennis courts and a large open lawn area for concerts and picnics are also available.
Nahant Beach/Lynn Shore Reservation Nahant 66.5   Friends of Lynn and Nahunt Beach  Promenade extends along the two-mile length of the two reservations at the edge of Nahant Bay and is available year round for activities such as walking, jogging and bicycling. Vast areas of hard-packed sand are exposed at low tide which can be accessed at King's Beach and Long Beach on Nahant Bay as well as near the boat launching area on Lynn Harbor.
Nantasket Beach Reservation Hull 39.4     Nantasket Beach has been a popular summer destination for city dwellers since the middle of the 19th century. The reservation encompasses 26 acres along one and a third miles of oceanfront. The historic Paragon Carousel evokes memories of the area's amusement park history.
Nantucket State Forest Nantucket 143.7 Pine Barrens   This State Forest is basically a big rectangle bordered by Lover’s Lane and Bayberry Lane and Rugged Road and Old South Road.  Trail is about 90 percent shaded. Starting from the Lover’s Lane parking area, the path is basically to your left. Starting from the Ticcoma parking area, the path is to your right. 
Nashua River Rail Trail Dunstable, Pepperell 57     The Nashua River Rail Trail is a former railroad right of way that travels 11 miles through the towns of Ayer, Groton, Pepperell and Dunstable. The trail offers a 10-foot wide paved surface for the entire length, and a five-foot wide gravel equestrian path for seven miles of the trail from Groton Center to the New Hampshire border in Dunstable. 
Nasketucket Bay State Reservation Fairhaven, Mattapoisett 210.5 NBSR   f. 1999. Beautiful holly forest. Bridle trails. Signs need work, kiosks updating needed, 20 miles of trails, beautiful beach, good walk on beach.
Natural Bridge State Park North Adams 43.6   Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance Hudson Brook. Contains the only natural white marble arch/bridge in North America. The natural bridge spanning Hudson Brook, was formed by glacial melt about 11,000 BC, from 550 million year old bedrock.
Neponset River Reservation Boston, Canton, Dedham, Milton 1406.5 Neponset River Corridor   f. 1880s. The first salt marshes in the Commonwealth to be publicly ownedExtensive marshlands at its mouth and significant freshwater wetlands along much of its upstream length. It provides an unusually rich and diverse habitat for both plants and animals including a number of threatened and endangered species
New Charles River Dam Boston 7.1      
New Salem State Forest New Salem 126.6      
Newton Lower Falls Park Newton, Weston 9.2      
Nickerson State Park Brewster, Orleans 1953.2 Trail Map Friends of Nickerson State Park Offers more than 400 campsites, including yurt camping, an amphitheater, eight miles of roads, hiking trails, an eight mile bike path that connects to the 22 mile Cape Cod Rail Trail, and ponds stocked year-round with trout. Cape Cod Bay is within walking or bicycling distance. You can swim and canoe at Flax Pond; birdwatch or catch-and-release fish at Higgins Pond.
North Brookfield State Forest North Brookfield 39.4      
Northfield State Forest Northfield 2110.3      
Norwottuck Rail Trail Hadley, Northhampton 61.5   Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance 11 mile path linking Northampton, Hadley, and Amherst along the former Boston & Main Railroad right-of-way. The path's level terrain provides safe passage for pedestrians, wheelchairs, joggers, skaters, bicyclists, and cross-country skier of all ages and abilities. Motorized vehicles and horses are prohibited.
Oak Island Boat Ramp Shrewsbury 5.8      
Oakham State Forest Oakham, Rutland 650.4      
October Mountain State Forest Becket, Lee, Lenox, Pittsfield, Washington 16323.4 Trail Map Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance Largest state forest in Massachusetts. One of the most scenic trails lead through Schermerhorn Gorge, a striking natural feature which has intrigued generations of geologists. Countless varieties of wild plants and animals can be found throughout the varied terrain of this vast forest.  47 campsites dot a sunny hillside and offer a great base to explore the forest.
Old Harbor Reservation Boston 141.9      
Orange State Forest Orange, Warwick 789      
Otis State Forest Becket, Otis, Sandisfield        
Otter River State Forest Royalston, Templeton, Winchendon 1021.8 Trail Map   f. 1915. First area acquired by the State.  Otter River, Millers River. Camping and day-use facility in a beautiful area of north central Massachusetts. The forest is home to numerous wild flowers and shrubs, deer, chipmunks, catbirds, warblers and vireos.
Pattens Cove Boston 9.5      
Pemberton Park Lawrence 4.8      
Pearl Hill State Park   1000     Pearl Hill offers some of the largest and most private campsites in MA beneath a canopy of stately pines. There are 51 campsites, now served by a new bathhouse, and a day use area which includes a five-acre pond created by the seasonal damming of Park Hill Brook, with a beach area on the pond. The area offers miles of hiking trails, abundant swimming opportunities and great antiquing.
Peddocks Island Hull 193.4      
Perry Lot Falmouth 19.6      
Peru State Forest Middlefield, Peru, Worthington 2750.3      
Petersham State Forest Athol, Petersham 643.6      
Pilgrim Memorial State Park Plymouth 6.1     Site of Plymouth Rock. Pilgrim Memorial SP is one of the most heavily visited parks in the state parks system.  Nearly one million people a year come from all over the world to visit the town where in 1620 Europeans first made a home in New England and to see Plymouth Rock. 
Forefather's Monument Plymouth 10.7      81-foot granite monument that memorializes a Victorian era interpretation of the pursuits that motivated the Pilgrims to leave England and start their own colony. Open April through November.
Pine Swamp Ipswich 4.8      
Pittsfield State Forest Hancock, Lanesborough, Pittsfield, Richmond 10395.8 Trail Map Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance Streams, waterfalls and flowering shrubs abound in Pittsfield State Forest. The forest has two camping areas and two picnic areas. Fishermen frequent scenic Berry Pond, one of the highest natural water bodies in the state at 2,150 feet in elevation. The vista from the top of Berry Mountain, accessible by auto road from April to December, is a striking panorama and a great place to watch the sun set.
Plum Island State Reservation Newburyport 63.7      
Pope John Paul II Park Reservation         f. 2001. Reclaimed former landfill and commercial area bordering Neponset River estuary.
Purgatory Chasm State Reservation Sutton 100.3 Trail Map   f. 1919. The Chasm was created when glacial meltwater from a burst ice dam ripped out blocks of bedrock at the end of the last Ice Age (14,000 years ago).
Quabbin Reservoir         One of the largest man-made public water supplies in the United States. Public access is carefully regulated and controlled to protect over 2 million people’s source of drinking water. State regulations require all entry and exit through gates only. Anything that could pollute the water supply system is prohibited. Please observe restrictions on recreational activities.
Quashnet Woods Reservation Mashpee 31.6      
Quashnet Woods State Reservation Wildlife Management Area  Mashpee 399.8      
Quincy Quarries Reservation   22 Quincy Quarries Historic Site Brochure   f. 1985. Rock climbing, hiking, picknicking. Adjacent to Blue Hills Reservation.
Quincy Shores Reservation Quincy 87.5   Friends of Wollaston Beach Quincy Shore Drive links Wollaston Beach with Caddy memorial Park and Moswetuset Hummock. The 2.3 mile beach is popular for its jogging/bicycling trail and swimming. Caddy Park on the southern end of the beach has over 15 acres of fields and marsh as well as a play area, lookout tower and picnic tables. Moswetuset Hummock, on the beach's northern end, is a National Historic Site. 
Quinsigamond State Park Shresbury, Worcester 37.9     Facilities for swimming, sailing, picnicking and fishing. The area is used extensively for sailing and rowing crew regattas.
          The 2,000 meter rowing course established on Lake Quinsigamond is internationally recognized as one of the best courses in the world. The Lake Park area provides a number of recreational opportunities including a picnic area, swimming beach and tennis courts.
Rawson Hill Brook Flood Control Site Shrewsbury 63.2      
Raynham State Forest Raynham 14.9      
Red Bridge State Park Ludlow, Palmer, Wilbraham 101.1      
Red Wing Bay Needham 1.5      
Rehoboth Fire Tower Rehoboth 1.3      
Rehoboth State Forest Rehoboth 140      
Revere Beach Reservation Revere 83.5     f. 1896. The beach boasts miles of shoreline which welcomes throngs of visitors every summer. Along the boulevard there is a bandstand for summer concerts, a bathhouse and many shade shelters. Revere Beach is very accessible by public transportation which makes it a popular spot for people from all around metro Boston.
River Street Weston 1.9      
Riverdale Park Dedham 6.4      
Riverwalk Park Waltham 9.6      
Robinson State Park Agawam, West Springfield, Westfield 1025.1 Trail Map

Friends of Robinson State Park

Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance

d. 1934 by John C. Robinson. Approximately 20 miles of trails in the park are shared by walkers, hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders.  Many of them offer scenic views of the Westfield River, including the 17 acre island west of the falls at Mittineague, which is one of the park's most picturesque spots. Open from 10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. Sunday-Thursday. 
Ross Flood Control Site Berlin 186.7      
Roxbury Heritage State Park Boston 2.7     Dillaway-Thomas House  was built in 1750 and served as headquarters for General John Thomas and the Continental Army during the siege of Boston in 1775. The house has been restored to show how it changed over two centuries and now offers exhibits which interpret both the past and present history of Roxbury and its people and cultures. 
Royalston State Forest Royalston 868.4      
Rumney Marsh Reservation Revere, Saugus 737.4     This expansive saltmarsh provides habitat for an array of wildlife including migratory birds and marine life. The reservation also provides recreational opportunities such as boating, fishing, walking, and bird watching. It is designated as an "Area of Critical Environmental Concern".
Rutland State Park Rutland 285.5     Facilities for fresh water swimming, picnicking and boating. At Whitehall Pond, there is a swimming beach and adjacent picnic area.
Salisbury Beach State Reservation Salisbury 355.2     The park's main feature is its 3.8-mile long beach, one of the most popular in the Commonwealth. Offers swimming, boating, fishing, and camping. Facilities include a 484-site campground with renovated bathhouses, an extensive day-use parking lot, three comfort stations for the beach and a new playground and pavilion area.Two boat ramps on the Merrimack River at the campground's southern edge.
Sandisfield State Forest New Marlborough, Sandisfield 5382.1   Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance Rolling northern hardwood forests of Sandisfield State Forest is York Lake, featuring a popular day use area with a 300-foot beach for unguarded swimming, a picnic area and a boat launch ramp.
Sandy Point State Reservation Ispswich 133.7     Among the state's most beautiful and popular coastal beaches, it is also an important nesting area for the piping plover, a threatened species, and the least tern, a species of special concern in Massachusetts. Passive recreational activities include walking, beachcombing, fishing and birding. Access is through the abutting Parker River National Wildlife Refuge.
Saugus River Reservation Saugus 8.4      
Savoy Mountain State Forest Adams, Florida, North Adams, Savoy 10459 Trail Map Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance f. 1918. Scenic North and South Ponds, with wooded edges and hills rising in the distance, offer tranquil places to fish, picnic and swim. 45 campsites and 1 group site are located in an old apple orchard. Four log cabins overlook South Pond, available for year-round rental.
Scusset Beach State Reservation Bourne, Sandwich 78.9 Pine Barrens Friends of Scusset Beach  The 98-site camping area is very popular with trailer campers. For salt water anglers, the area offers a popular fish pier, a 3000 breakwater and 1.5 miles of frontage along the canal. A picnic area and bicycling along the canal are also available. The Reservation is also a popular spot for watching the variety of boats and ships passing through the canal.
South East Massachusetts Bioreserve Dartmouth, Fall River, Freetown 3.378.6      
Shawme-Crowell State Forest Bourne, Sandwich 623.9 Pine Barrens Friends Of Shawme-Crowell State Forest - e-mail: Quiet year-round campground at the beginning of Cape Cod has over 285 sites in a wooded setting (camping site 1; camping site 2). Yurt camping is now available. More than 15 miles of roads and trails provide hiking and equestrian access to over 700 acres of pitch pine and scrub oak landscape.
Shelburne State Forest Shelburne 71.1      
Short Beach Revere, Winthrop 5.3      
Shutesbury New Salem, Shutesbury, Wendell 786      
Silver Brook North Flood Control Site Sandisfield 160      
Silver Brook South Flood Control Site Sandisfield 52.9      
Skinner State Park Hadley, South Hadley 842.9 Trail Map Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance d. 1940. Connecticut Rivermultiple hiking trails and breathtaking views of the Connecticut River Valley from multiple vistas. The summit of Mt. Holyoke is accessible by walking the road or hiking along the trails year-round. Due to Summitt House construction, the Summit road will close periodically. Check the park telephone message (413-586-0350) for updates.
South Beach State Park Edgartown 105.9 Pine Barrens    
South Cape Beach State Park Mashpee 459.6 Pine Barrens   Located between Waquoit Bay and Vineyard Sound, contains a wide variety of coastal environments, including barrier beach and dunes, salt marsh, scrub oak/pitch pine woodland and "kettle" ponds. A magnificent white sand beach stretches for over a mile. Newly constructed over-the-dune boardwalks, a small parking area and bathrooms make this a lovely place to spend a day at the shore.
South New England Trunkline Trail Bellingham, Blackstone 32.9      
South River State Forest Conway 591.4      
South Watuppa Boat Ramp Fall River 7.2      
Southwest Corridor Park   52   Southwest Corridor Park Conservancy Greenway of 4.7 mi (7.6 km) that runs South End, Back Bay, Roxbury and Jamaica Plain neighborhoods. Recreational facilities: 11 tot lot areas, 2 spray pools, 7 basketball courts, 5 tennis courts, 2 street hockey rinks, 2 amphitheatres, and approximately six miles of biking, jogging and walking paths.
Spencer State Forest  Spencer         Trail Map 903 Midstate Trail Friends of Howe Park & Spencer State Forest—e–mail:  Trail Map Howe Pond.  Mid point of the Midstate Trail. Recreation: swimming and picnicking facilities on Howe Pond. Other activities offered at Spencer include fishing, canoeing, hiking, Nordic skiing and snowmobiling.
Spot Pond Brook Malden, Melrose 12      
Squannacook Brook State Forest Townsend 323.8      
Squantum Point Park Quincy 45.7     f. 2001. View the Boston skyline across the harbor and dozens of species of wild birds in the park.
Stodder's Neck/Abigail Adams Park          A peninsula on the Hingham/Weymouth line at the mouth of the Back River, Stodder's Neck was once an unsightly gravel pit. Reclaimed and landscaped in a manner reminiscent of Frederick Law Olmsted's work at World's End, Stodder's Neck provides harborside walking trails and a hilltop view of the Back River.
Stony Brook Reservation Boston, Dedham, West Roxbury 475 Trail Map   Ten to twelve miles of hiking trails and bicycle paths meander through the quiet, forested portion of the reservation. Sunfish and Perch swim in the fresh waters of Turtle Pond, an easily accessible spot for fishing. In the Reservation's southern section are soccer and baseball fields, tennis courts, picnic areas , an ice skating rink, and a pool.
Streeter Point Recreation Area Sturbridge 450     East Brimfield Reservoir. Accessible area has a 100 car parking area and offers fishing, swimming and picnicking on 400 acre East Brimfield Reservoir. Boating access is from ramps located on US Army Corps of Engineers maintained ramps on Rt 20.
Sudbury Reservoir Ashland, Framingham, Hopkinton, Marlborough, Northborough, Southborough, and Westborough. 4943     Public access is carefully regulated and controlled to protect over 2 million people’s source of drinking water. State regulations require all entry and exit through gates only. Anything that could pollute the water supply system is prohibited. Please observe restrictions on recreational activities.
Taconic Trail State Forest Hancock, Williamstown 2198.7      
Tenean Beach Beach 9.7      
Templeton State Forest  Templeton 706.4      
Tisbury Fire Tower West Tisbury 0.8      
Tolland State Forest Blandford, Otis, Tolland 4415.1 Trail Map

TTOR Highland Community Initiative

Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance

Otis Reservoir.  A public boat ramp is available, popular with fishermen seeking out trout and bass in the lake's depths.
          A popular destination is the campground, located on a scenic and wooded peninsula. Also available is a day-use area with sandy beach and several multi-use trails. Hunting is open (in season) for all types of game including turkey, bear and deer.
Toohg Park Boston 2.3      
Town Brook Flood Control Braintree 53.8      
Town Line Brook Everett, Malden, Revere 12.4      
Triphammer Woods Hingham 26.2      
Tyler Site Flood Control Site Marlborough, Northborough 263      
Upper Charles River Reservation         Charles River. Covers Charles River between Watertown Dam and Riverdale Park, West Roxbury; see also Charles River Reservation
Upton State Forest Hopedale, Hopkinton, Northbridge, Upton, Westborough 2761.5 Trail Map Friends of Upton State Forest The focal point of the forest is located at 205 Westboro Road in Upton, where visitor parking, the main trail head and park information is available. One has the opportunity to survey the grounds and exterior of a number of CCC structures located at this site. Trail users can enjoy numerous recreational opportunities for hiking, casual walking, horse back riding, cross country skiing and snowmobiling.
Veterans Memorial Park Medford 3.4      
Victory Road Park Boston 7.2      
Village Falls Park Needham 2      
Wachusett Mountain State Reservation Princeton, Westminster 2288.7   Friends of Wachusetts Mountain At 2006 feet, Mt. Wachusett is a unique landmark within the central New England landscape. Views of Mt. Monadnock in New Hampshire, the Berkshires to the west, and the Boston skyline to the east from the summit. The 3,000-acre Wachusett Mountain State Reservation surrounds the summit and offers a wealth of natural and recreational resources. Recreation:  hiking, nature study, hawk watching, picnicking, and skiing. 
Wachusett Reservoir  Boylston, Clinton, Holden, Hubbardston, Leominster, Princeton, Rutland, Sterling, and West Boylsto       Reservoir. Anything that could pollute the water supply system, such as litter or refuse of any sort, is prohibited. Please observe restrictions on recreational activities. Direct water contact activities, such as swimming and wading, are strictly prohibited by regulation. Dogs are not allowed on any DCR property associated with Wachusett Reservoir.
Wahconah Falls State Park Dalton, Hinsdale, Windsor 47.9   Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance Spectacular scenic views anytime of year. Wahconah Falls Brook flows over several smaller tiered falls then cascades about 40 feet into a deep pool. The falls "roar," especially during spring run-off. Relax, picnic or fish in the shade of the northern hardwood-conifer forest, or take a hike on the 0.5 mile loop trail (moderate difficulty) through open woods and along upper portions of the falls.
Walden Pond State Reservation Concord, Lincoln 335.1 Trail Map Thoreau Society Friends of Walden Pond f. 1922. Protected open space and the pond that inspired Thoreau. In summer the Reservation is a popular swimming destination. In the spring and fall, many people hike the trails that ring the pond and visit the replica of Thoreau's one-room cabin. Year round interpretive programs and guided walks are offered as well as a gift shop, bookstore and the Tsongas gallery.
Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve Falmouth, Mashpee 109.9 Trail Map Friends of the Waquoit Bay Reserve Open waters, barrier beaches, marshlands and uplands. Trails through or near marshes, beaches, rivers and woodlands. The Waquoit Bay Reserve is representative of typical shallow bay environments, from Chesapeake Bay to Cape Cod. Visitor Center open Monday through Friday 10-4 and on Saturdays in July and August.
Ware River Rail Trail Phillipston, Templeton 32.5      
Ware River Watershed Area xx 23000     Reservoir. Anything that could pollute the water supply system, such as litter or refuse of any sort, is prohibited. Please observe restrictions on recreational activities. Direct water contact activities, such as swimming and wading, are strictly prohibited by regulation. Dogs are not allowed on any DCR property associated with Wachusett Reservoir.
Warwick State Forest Ornge, Royalston, Warwick 9952.7   Friends of Massachusetts State Forests in Warwick—need contact info ? Warwick State Forest has over 25 miles of dirt roads crisscrossing 7,000 acres in five different tracts, some of which abut Mount Grace State Forest. A portion of the white-blazed Metacomet-Monadnock Trail (the M&M) traverses both forests. No official map exists of Warwick State Forest, but many trails can be determined from street and topographic maps. 
Watson Pond State Park Taunton 11     Swimming and picnicking.  Amenities include a 300’ beach, a picnic area, a bath house and a small pavilion.  Easy access from Rte. 495 makes it a popular park for families and groups.
Webb Memorial State Park Weymouth 59.3     f. 1980. Hingham Bay
Wells State Park Sturbridge 1.452.2 Trail Map   Camping and hiking. The campground has 60 attractive sites. Walker Pond provides a peaceful setting for fishing, canoeing, and swimming. The swimming beach is for campers' use only. During the summer, Wells has an interpretive program available which provides guided walks, hikes, recreational activities and evening campfire programs.
Wendell State Forest Montague, Orange, Wendell 7857.4 Trail Map Wendell Forest Conservaton Alliance—need contact info; Friends of Wendell SF email: Millers River, Quabbin Reservoir. Wendell State Forest contains forested hills, streams, ponds, and trails. Purchased in the 1920ss. Some of the park development and most of the road systems attributed to Civilian Conservation Corps  in the 1930s. The Wendell Forest Conservation Alliance is a group of local individuals interested in the protection of public and private lands supporting local forests. 
West Bridgewater State Forest West Bridgewater 246        
West Brookfield State Forest West Brookfield 143      
West Island State Reservation Fairhaven 350.1      
Western Gateway Heritage State Park North Adams 7.8   Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance A former railroad yard, this urban park uses historical artifacts and exhibits to bring to life the controversial and danger-filled construction of the Hoosac Tunnel, one of the greatest engineering feats of the 19th century. Visitors Museum open May 19th through October 20th, everyday 10AM - 5PM.
Westminster State Forest Gardner, Westminster 420.6      
Weymouth Reservation (Weymouth Back River?)  Weymouth       Abigail Adams and Stodder's Neck sites.
Whitehall State Park Hopkinton 837.4 Trail Map Friends of Whitehall  Whitehall Reservoir. The area offers boating, fishing, a public boat ramp, and hiking trails.
Willard Brook State Forest Ashby, Fitchburg, Luneburg, Twonsend 2900.3 Trail Map Friends of Willard Brook  21 campsites spread beneath a pine canopy, swimming, walking, hiking, birding, fishing, horseback riding and winter trail sports.
Willowdale State Forest Boxford, Ipswich, Rowley, Topsfield 2490.8 Trail Map   40 miles of trails and fishing and boating on 100 acre Hood Pond. There are no developed recreational facilities at the Forest which exists as two separate parcels divided by Route 1. The eastern block of the Forest abuts Bradley Palmer State Park and the Ipswich River.
Wilson Mountain Reservation Dedham 200.4 Management Partnership with TTOR   f. 1995. Protection of diverse wildlife habitat and important recreational open space. The property provides panoramic views of Boston and the Blue Hills and is the largest remaining piece of open space in Dedham.
Windsor State Forest Savoy, Windsor 1824.6 Trail Map Western Massachusetts Public Lands Alliance Windsor Jambs Brook plunges through a 25-foot-wide gorge, with 80-foot-high granite walls rising on either side; a beautiful and refreshing place to visit.
Winthrop Shore Reservation Winthrop 18.2     Open year round, dawn to dusk.  Lifeguards are on duty from late June to early September. Winthrop Beach and Short Beach. Accessible by MBTA.
Wompatuck State Park Cohasset, Hingham, Norwell, Scituate 3584.2 Trail Map Friends of Wompatuck State Park f. 1967. Aaron River Reservoir. 262 wooded campsites (140 of them with electricity), 12 miles of paved bicycle trails, and many miles of wooded bridle paths and hiking trails. The park is very popular with trailer campers: electrical and water hookups are available. Fishing is allowed in the Cohasset Reservoir. A boat ramp is provided for car-top boats, but no boat trailers, please.
Worthington State Forest  Worthington 182.6      
Wrentham State Forest Plainville, Wrentham 1042.2 Wrentham SF Trail Map   The Wrentham State Forest in Southeastern Massachusetts is laced with an almost uncountable number of motorcycle type singletracks, jeep trails, and a few slightly maintained forest service roads.  The forest is the center of most of the areas hunting activity. One special feature unique to Wrentham is a single-track under Route 495